Making Connections With Ellie’s Story

Today I am continuing the novel Ellie’s Story. I am making connections to the novel. When Ellie nuzzled Jakob’s hand on page 42 it reminds me of the time I was hurt and my dog nuzzles my hand and was laying down with me. When Ellie wanted to go up on Jakob’s bed because he looked very comfortable on page 24. It reminds me of the time my dog wanted to come onto my bed because he wanted to be near me but I told him to get down because I was falling asleep. When Ellie was barking for Jakob to come back on page 20 it reminded me of the time when I always get on the bus in the morning. My dog barks when I get on the bus because he wants me to come back home with him.

Comparing Refugee and Ellie’s Story

     Ellie’s Story and Refugee are a similar book. A major similarity is that they both have people being wounded and at some parts the novel is sad.  On the other hand, they are different because Ellie’s Story is based on Ellie and her owner Jakob. It is mainly about the dog Ellie and Refugee was mainly about Isabelle, Mahmoud, and Joseph’s stories.  In conclusion, Ellie’s Story is comparable and opposite for many reasons.