Summarizing What I Read Today in Molly’s Story

Today I am continuing the novel Molly’s Story. Today in the novel I read that Cj couldn’t miss another day of school because she kept skipping school for her dog. She went down to the basement that she hides Molly in and she gave her a treat. Then, she slid the boxes over in a hurry. Since she pushed the boxes over in a hurry Molly was able to slide the boxes over in order for her to walk out. Gloria Cj’s mom heard a knock on the door awhile  Molly was walking up the steps. The person at the door was a truant officer telling Gloria that she needs to go to court. She needs to go to court because Cj is missing too many days of school. Awhile, the truant officer was talking to Gloria Molly came out of the door and scratched at Gloria’s leg. Since Gloria doesn’t like dogs she screams and the truant officer walks away. Gloria yells are you going to do anything about this. The truant officer then says “call animal control that is what they do”. The truant officer then walks away and Gloria goes inside. Gloria closes the door and Molly wanders around the city/town.

Comparing Refugee and Ellie’s Story

     Ellie’s Story and Refugee are a similar book. A major similarity is that they both have people being wounded and at some parts the novel is sad.  On the other hand, they are different because Ellie’s Story is based on Ellie and her owner Jakob. It is mainly about the dog Ellie and Refugee was mainly about Isabelle, Mahmoud, and Joseph’s stories.  In conclusion, Ellie’s Story is comparable and opposite for many reasons.